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I've lost my password & my email address has changed!

If you have lost your password and you're email address has changed or is no longer working then we can provide you with your password by having you answer the validation question you answered when you created your account.

You should NOT use this form if:
Your email address is still valid. Use our: Lost Password form.
Your account has not been activated. User our: Activation Code Resend form.

Important: We take security very seriously. Requests are hand-approved by the ShortURL staff. To prevent anyone who may know your validation answer (ie. someone discovered what town you were born in) from gaining access to your account, we can only email the password to an email address listed on your website (url that your shorturl forwards to).

So make sure you have a valid email address listed anywhere within your site before you continue as you will have to tell us the URL of this page. If your site is down or 404 then indicate so (on then next page) and once this is verified then your validation answer will suffice.

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