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ShortURL Features
  • Add to your browser's toolbar or make a bookmarklet
      Make a ShortURL instantly for whatever page you're currently viewing with the click of a button by adding ShortURL to your Bookmarks. Better yet -- add it to your Bookmarks/Links Tool Bar.

      Drag the following link to your Links Toolbar: ShortURL!

      If that doesn't work or you want specific instructions for your browser on adding toolbar links and bookmarklets, see below:

      It appears you are using Internet Explorer

      Right Click this link: ShortURL!

      (this shows up because the link contains javscript)

      If you do not have your links tool bar enabled in Internet Explorer, you can enable it by going to View - Toolbars in your browser main menu near at the top the screen, and check mark "Links" toolbar.

      Or you can just add the bookmark to your main favorites list and anytime you want to make a Short URL just select it and it will send you to shortURL instantly generating a ShortURL for what ever page you're currently viewing.

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