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This shortURL address was REMOVED for SPAMMING a FACEBOOK WORM

This URL was spammed via email, instant messaging, on a website, or by another means was forwarding to: Do not visit the URL -- it is not to be trusted -- we post it here for only for reference in anyone tracking this spammer/scammer.

It has been reported that this particular scam site asks you to paste javascript into your browser with the promise that it gets you facebook credits or a facebook profile spy etc. This is a scam and will hijack your facebook and/or browser where it will attempt to spread.

How did you end up at our site?
Among other things, ShortURL is a URL shortening service allowing people to create a shortURL for sharing links by generating a ShortURL that forwards to another, often longer URL. They then pasted the shortURL in spam they sent, the message they posted or the popup malware they used etc. This shortURL may have also been one of many in a string of URLs, the original URL you clicked on may have been another URL shortening service that they set to forward to a shortURL in hope to make it more difficult to track. We've shut down the shortURL they made and thus you are seeing this message. If you want to further investigate the spam, try googling the URL posted above in red.

We can't remove you from any lists, we're not the jerks who spammed you...
Most likely the spammer had no plans to honor your removal request anyway -- and requesting removal may have only verified that your address was active and led to increased future spammings.

We often shut down spammers within seconds or minutes of their spam campaign using our own proprietarty anti-spam tools as well as using live feeds from various spam reporting sources. We also receive spam reports from individual recipients at an email which we monitor 24/7. We report spammers to anti-spam data hubs so often their short use of our service leads to their target URLs being banned. If appropriate, we report their spamming to their webhost, ISP, affiliate program, or any other parties in the chain of their spam. We extensively blacklist spammers and do our best to prevent them from abusing our servce again.

If you received spam on your mobile phone...
What probably happend was the spammer sent out spam to random phone numbers @ yourprovider. For example, if you have ATT, you can sent an email to: [email protected] which will show up on your phone as a text. Similarly with other providers, such as: [email protected] for Verizon Wireless and [email protected] Or they used an actual SMS message to text a long list of mobile numbers. Additionally there's another way that spam can end up on your phone, and that is if you've have ever creatred an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account, and entered your phone number in the settings for it. If spammers spam you AIM account and you are not logged into AIM, then AOL will deliver the message to your phone. It will come from the phone number 265-080. Here's how to disable that.

If you google cell phone spam and the name of your provider, you will come across some helpful articles on how to stop spam to your phone. Such as:

Please contact the ShortURL team if you have any feedback regarding this page or the spam your received.

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