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This shortURL address was REMOVED for SPAMMING

How did you end up at our site?
Among other things, ShortURL is a URL shortening service allowing people to create a shortURL for sharing links by generating a ShortURL that forwards to another, often longer URL. This spammer created a shortURL and pasted the shortURL in spam they sent. We've shut down the shortURL they made and thus you are seeing this message. We also allow people to register subdomains for their website. Someone used our service to create a shortURL that looked something like: that forwards to the real URL.
i.e. and then used the shortURL in spam they sent. We've shut down the link they were using so the website they are trying to send you to won't load and thus you are seeing this message.

Nope, we're not the jerks who spammed you...
Someone used ShortURL to shorten a URL and then pasted that URL in the spam you received. ShortURL can not remove your email from the spammers list as we we are not in collaboration with them. Most likely the spammer had no plans to honor your removal request anyway -- and requesting removal may have only verified that your address was active and led to increased future spammings.

We often shut down spammers within minutes of their spam campaign using our own proprietarty anti-spam tools as well as using live feeds from various spam reporting sources. We also receive spam reports from individual recipients. We report spammers to anti-spam data hubs so often their short use of our service leads to their target URLs being banned. If appropriate, we report their spamming to their webhost, ISP, affiliate program, or any other parties in the chain of their spam. We extensively blacklist spammers and do our best to prevent them from abusing our servce again.

Tips on stopping spam:
If you want to cut down on spam you should employ one or more of a number of antispam tactics.

1) Consider getting an anti-spam program (google around for a good one) which can interface with Outlook or Windows Mail etc which will weed out much (but not all) spam. Also check with your ISP, they may be able to apply filters which tag spam with something like "spam" in the email's subject which you can then create a filter for in your email program to send straight to the trash or junk folder.

2) If you get a lot of repeats of a particular spam, you can use your email program or serivce to create an email filter to send any emails that contain a sender, subject, or email body with a particular phrase e.g. "penis enlargement" to go straight to the trash.

3) A free easy solution is to use Gmail, and if other's have failed you then be sure to try them. You can use gmail to import your mail from your ISP using pop3 mail and even reply using gmail customizing it so it's still from you@yourisp instead of you@gmail. Also take a look at Thunderbird to use instead of WindowsMail or Outlook. This is made buy the Mozilla team, makers of Firefox, and there's probably some good free anti-spam add-ons available. It's a great alternative to Window's mail programs with lots of mail managing features.

4) And finally, if you absolutely want zero spam ever, you can screen all emails you receive using a white list service. This will require anyone who isn't added to your white list to verify their email by following a link they are auto-replied with.

Please contact the ShortURL team if you have any feedback regarding this page or the spam your received.

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