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This shortURL address was REMOVED for PHISHING

The website URL that this short URL was forwarding to was impersonating another website in attempt to gather sensitive member data including usernames, passwords, and/or credit card information from users of AOL, yahoo, paypal, hotmail, ebay, or other online services. You may have received an email which appeared to be from one of these providers, but it was sent to you by a scammer, hoping you would follow a link in the email and enter sensitive user information.

If you have used this URL previously and provided logins/passwords or other data-- immediately change your password and other password related data such as password reminder questions with the company that was being impersonated and report to them that your account was compromised. Make sure that your other account info with them is still accurate, such as email address.

Remember, only visit their website by typing their domain name (ie. in the browser address bar so Even if you for example just bought something from ebay, you could coincidentally get a fake email that same hour from you know you're at the correct website. Always treat any email you receive as a potential impersonator (phishing) email. a scammer saying that you have a purchase issue and to follow a link to rectify it.

Who's responsible for the email you received?
Most likely the person(s) responsible used a mass mailing program and list to send out thousands of emails (just like spammers do), and you were one of many recipients of the fake email. They know a certain percentage of people will be a user of the service that they are claiming to be.

ShortURL is a URL redirection service providing website address forwarding. Someone created an account with us to redirect to their real URL -- hiding behind a shorturl address in attempt to become more anonymous and add credibility to their otherwise long and less convincing URL. Just like any internet service provider, abuse prevention is an on going effort and not 100% avoidable.

While most states have recently passed strict Identity Theft legislation, Identity theft is also a FEDERAL CRIME.

"In most instances, a conviction for identity theft carries a maximum penalty of 15 years imprisonment, a fine and forfeiture of any personal property used or intended to be used to commit the crime. Schemes to commit identity theft or fraud also may involve violations of other statutes, such as credit card fraud; computer fraud; mail fraud; wire fraud; financial institution fraud; or Social Security fraud. Each of these federal offenses is a felony and carries substantial penalties - in some cases, as high as 30 years in prison, fines and criminal forfeiture"

For more information on Identity Theft visit:

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