Free Premium URL Redirection.

MENU is a cost free and advertisement free URL redirection service (also known as URL forwarding) allowing anyone with a website to register a free sub domain name and redirect it to their real URL!

Will you always be happy with your webhost? Will they always be happy with you? URL Redirection can save you from traffic loss and make changing hosts easy and seamless!
Now adays web hosts can delete your site for a number of reasons. Some very popular webhosts will disable your website every time you have exceed their traffic allowance. Others have been known to start charging for their service or trash your site by adding even more banners or popups on your page. If you have a shortURL address, you can get a new host at anytime and simply update your account to redirect to the new URL.

Take an existing URL like: and turn it into something shorter and more memorable like: or! can be used as well as, where you can change anything to anything, anytime you want! Even have it point to its own directory on your site! Or redirect to paths and pages on your site using:, forwarding visitors directly to the corresponding page on your site.

shortURL is loaded with features, such as: URL Masking, Traffic Reports, Path Forwarding, MetaTag Support, and Mirror Management which can generate a list of mirrors for visitors to choose from or be forwarded to.
Explore our Info / FAQ for more info on these and other features!

Best of all... unlike most other redirect services, we do NOT have popup ads, delay pages, or other advertisements. We only ask you place a tiny (88x31) image link to us on your site, and thats it!

Your entirely free shortURL is just a few clicks away!
Start by choosing a
Casing does not matter, thisname is the same as THiSnAmE.

http:// .

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